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We are a group of technology professionals zealous about generating steady income and managing personal wealth through the swings of financial market by uniting quantitative analysis and technology. The deprivation to off-grid from financial institutions, mainstream advisors and media, prompted creation of a quant-based financial technology solution.

Our focus was to build a creation that can autonomously manage and grow wealth in any kind of market dynamics. With enormous research, data mining and systematic machine based back testing, we have developed a state of art technology.

Beyond Quant

After phenomenal success with quantitative algorithmic strategy execution, team further invested in technology and enriched by predictive models with statistical and machine learning methods.

Beyond Quant
How we do it?

How we do it?

  • Datamining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Augmentation
  • Quantitative Algorithmic Strategy
  • Agile Development
  • Automation

Our Services

Man vs Machine? Who is better for managing investments?

The operating environment for investment management continues to undergo sustained transformation while traditional known industry challenges deepen. Volatile market returns and constrained organic growth have created a demanding environment for investors. In this shifting paradigm, technology can play a critical role in enabling opportunities for automation.

The datasets that contain historical information are unstructured and too large for an investment professional to utilize using conventional methods, however statistically proven augmented automated algorithms help to deliver more alpha than any portfolio manager or research analyst.



Machina-EX is a technology service offered for quantitative research and development of reliable and scalable machine augmented algorithms and deployment of high available IT infrastructure.

Our method leverages machine-based techniques to learn the patterns in large volumes of data, statistical analysis, design and implement quantitative strategies through a mechanical system capable of automated investment decision-making and execution.

Service Machina-EX

Our Products

What a future might look like when Man and Machine work together?

Manual investment management is a complicated process that involves human decision-making, whereas we believe that automated investment management takes irrational human behavior out of the equation while undertaking complex computing and execution precipitously.

Automation is based on rules and statistics which allow investors to establish specific rules that, once programmed can be automatically executed by a computer.

Our product harness the power of technology to augment human investment decision-making, interpret larger and more complex data sets, automate decision-making and execution altogether with agility on a future ready technology.



Alpha is one of the shrewdest wealth management strategy designed for institutional Investors looks for capital appreciation. The one-size-fit-all algorithm and technology tracks price movements constantly on financial products such as equity, derivatives, commodities, indexes or foreign currencies.

Major features are money management, risk management, automated mechanical system, alerting and collaboration via mobile application.

Product Alpha

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